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Customer Testimonials

We’re proud to be serving people in the City of Cleveland. Read about what some of our customers have said about the Empower Home Energy Tune-Up:



“So happy to have a team of professionals interested in helping me make sure my house is energy efficient and saving me money.”

Rama K.






“My husband Tom was concerned that they were going to try and sell us something, but they were knowledgeable, professional and when they were done with the assessment they said we’d already taken care of the low cost, high impact updates.”

Rose W.




“What a wonderful group of people, fulfilling a great mission with such commitment and professionalism. My husband and I are very grateful to you for inviting us to participate in this program. I was quite surprised by their findings. Please convey my gratitude to the group.”

Amy K.




“The team at Empower completed our assessment and found that our 1922 home had no attic insulation except wood and drywall. Within a couple of days they had a contractor at our house who was knowledgeable, helpful and did excellent work on our large Tudor. With winter almost here, we immediately noticed a difference, the furnace used to come on all the time and the temperature in the house was always fluctuating, now the temperature is more stable and our home is more comfortable. I can’t wait to see the effect on my next heating bill!”

David P.